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A new range of AWS RBA is developed


Automated workstation (AWS) RBA allows carrying out tests, diagnostics and fault research in blocks of complex radio-electronic equipment including equipment of super high frequency.

Present range of AWS is unique because it is based on the longstanding practical experience of electronic engineers from the hardware drafts to the software methods and repair technics of radio electronic equipment.

AWS can be composed differently depending on the range of objects under control. It helps to provide the best range of functional possibilities to the lowest price. All control and measuring devices of AWS will allow carrying out the whole range of works regardless the complexity of found malfunction.

Software has a list of methods for measuring the main equipment parameters, checking serviceability. diagnosing and also repair instructions.

Areas of use:

• maintenance and repair labs;
• warehouse and armoury;
• during work;
• on manufacture plants (final checking).

Types of AWS:

• stationary working place;
• movable working place (it could be assembled in vehicle station) and it is recommended to be used with control and repair automotive station.