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BASIC CONCEPT: In the beginning was ...

... 1974, mastering the production of the first SAM S-300. In the early seventies, "trehsotka" as it was called at the time on, was a serious test of the technological readiness of the Radio Industry to start serial production of new generation equipment based on solid state chips.

Vitaly Ambalov near AITSK
Vitaly Ambalov near AITSK

Serial works faced the first problem: unacceptably high complexity of control and low reliability of its results. Part of the problem was solved by specially created installations for the test control - the famous VTR-2. But only for the digital part. The traffic controller had to work hard for several hours in order to check each analog cell or block. The volume of each of the test instructions was measured tens of sheets.
Not surprisingly that the proposed concept of control automation of digital-analog equipment by young engineer Vitaly Ambalov was supported by USSR Minradioprom. As a result of the concept development, through research "Investigation of the main directions of control automation of the analog and digital-analog equipment”, was created AITSK installation, which was used in the production cycle. The viability of the concept found practical confirmation. For this work, in 1979, the development team was awarded the A. Popov diploma.
For 40 years, much has changed: there were powerful computers, programmable gauges, radically changed the element base. But the underlying concept of the fundamental principles of multifactorial experiment, system solutions that deliver rapid adjustment control system to the checked products remained unchanged.


Creating ACS IVA-2015 was a logical development of the concept of control verified installation AITSK. This system from the middle of the 80's is typical in the radio industry and the most massive Soviet ACS –in all about 100 systems were released. Some of them are in operation to date.

Most massive ACS IVA-2015
Most massive ACS IVA-2015

Working-out designers, Anatoly Pugach and Vitaly Ambalov, managed to maximize the opportunities provided by the domestic element base. For the first time in the USSR IEEE-488 (CPC) interface was applied in the system, already in 1986 this system was being supplied with the host computer.


In 2019, turned 40 years we have patented the concept of automated control digital-analog equipment, on which was built the most massive Soviet system of control "IVA-2015".
After 1991, work was interrupted, but already in 1995, after the establishment of R&D enterprise “KASCAD-KB” (since 2006 LLC “SPETSPRIBORSERVICE”, since 2013 LLC “ATE-engineering”), work resumed at a qualitatively new level.
For a period of a new history stage of the Company, ATE-engineering has become one of the leaders in the ACS market. Nowadays the Company is able to offer the whole range of diagnostics equipment and such products as ATC "Scvorets", MMC "Sector", AWS "Sintez-HF", AWS "BUK-M1",  CCE "Snegir" took a worthy place in the manufacturing and repair plants in Russia, Belarus, the Middle East.
We have radically improved the concept by extending the possibility of adapting systems to qualifying products and the range of measured parameters. The control tasks’ programming was maximally simplified. Adaptation devices for contact systems’ integration and high-speed multi-channel digital control modules with programmable levels are traditionally included in our complexes.
Since the system "IVA-2015" was awarded a silver medal at the closed part VDNH, our systems are regularly displayed at such exhibitions as IDEX, MILEX, MAKS