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A new type of diagnostic equipment has been put into service


Automated test complex Q-Bus provides functional possibilities to perform data transferring among devices (managing, testing) that works with highway parallel interface (Q-Bus) on the bases of the programs that have been developed for former popular ECM with architecture PDP-11 and have been presented into executable machine code.

Software includes: assembly language interpreter Macro-11, imitation of  RAM of ECM. Upon agreement we can perform the adaptation of control programs of Customer’s devices and their schemes, control library for control-measuring devices and power sources, data base of filing and statistics.

This type of ATC can be used as ECM emulator PDP-11 or it can be adjusted for specific objects under control. The adjustment means a development of specific block (if necessary), a development of new control programs, power sources configuration and configuration of control and measurement devices.

ATC MPI can be used on Military Industrial Plants that manufacture equipment or perform a repair of the equipment with highway parallel interface (Q-Bus).


Technical features:





 Power of ATC

 220±10%, 50±1Hz


 Type of objects under control that can be adjusted

 should be agreed upon


 Type of data bus



 Working mode of objects under control

 master / slave


 Digits of data bus



 Digits of address bus

 15 (addressing of double-byte words)


 Data transferring modes via Q-Bus

 - single addressing;

 - blocks addressing (DMA)


 Maximum block size at blocks transferring (DMA)

 up to 128K double-byte words


 Maximum transfer data through-put at single transferring

 1,5 Mbyte


 Maximum transfer data through-put at blocks transferring

 5 Mbyte/s


 Number and parameters of power sources that could be controlled by software

 should be agreed upon


 Contents and parameters of control measuring devices that could be controlled by software

 should be agreed upon